Discussions of Secondhand Smoke

Why are they the way they are?

In an ongoing discussion on another forum, somone told me that my defective genes are a burden on civilization. I don’t recall his exact words. Both his comments and my replies linking to photos of Nazi anti-disabled propaganda posters, were deleted.

I know it is a complicated issue, and a complicated debate. You have people who like smoking and assume only control freaks have issues with smoking. You have people who hate smoking and are control freaks. You have people who hate smoking and are trying to quit. You have people who have ocd and smoke to cope. You have people like me who have asthma and get severe fucking attacks after even brief low-level exposure and have to carry breath masks with carbon filters. You have people who can’t believe anyone could have trouble after only brief low-level exposure and insist it is impossible. You have people who have lost family members to tobacco-related cancers after chronic exposure to secondhand smoke. It’s rough. I just don’t understand how any discussion could degenerate into this exterminationist eugenicist hate.


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