Dishes of the Diaspora explores African food in the Bay Area

Originally published at: Dishes of the Diaspora explores African food in the Bay Area | Boing Boing


This whole series looks fantastic, and I definitely want to try Amawele’s.

Are you going to do an episode on Kendejah?



I’ve been looking for new restaurants to order from.


Someone was disappointed that bunny chow was actually human food…


My daughter was maybe four years old when we took her out for for Moroccan food and she realized she had a taste for rabbit. Then a few weeks later we went to an Eritrean restaurant and she shocked the server by asking if they had any bunny rabbit on the menu.


Other than Moroccan and Ethiopian food, I know nothing of African cuisine. This looks like a cool series. There’s a great show on the local PBS (KQED) called Check, Please! where random folks are invited to dine at three restaurants chosen by the three guests and then to trade notes. I recall a Ghanaian restaurant in Union City that I really want to try-- I think we saw it on a re-run during all this COVID nonsense. Hopefully it’s still there.

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