Disney heiress condemns Trump for lowering her taxes: vote out the Republicans on Nov 6!


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Unfortunately, I think this will translate to Trump voters as “Dumb broad can’t even figure out that Trump is helping her”. For a lot of Republicans, the idea of acting towards anything other than personal financial gain is heresy.


I like her.


It’s really not that unusual for liberals to do things that go against their own immediate self-interest. In fact, it’s one of the defining characteristics of liberalism. I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal of this one wealthy liberal doing so. There are certainly plenty of examples of wealthy liberals calling for higher taxes on the wealthy.


Think about it, those tax increases will never be rolled back. The rich have pulled off a coup.trmp


Republican Jesus says, “fuck you, got mine.”


As most conservatives will feign to believe, it’s usually in one’s self interest to go against ones’s immediate self-interests.

By the way, It’s fine if you don’t want to support society, but please stop using our languages and writing systems. Thanks.


Not really. The vast majority of Trump voters are hurt by the tax cuts - especially when the cuts become a pretext to cut Medicare. They vote against their interests every time, if you show them a rebel flag. They’ll just call her whatever Trump calls her, which is probably nothing.


The BBC have produced a nice and short article on what Trump’s behaviour is doing to the rest of the world.

Basically - Thuggism is A-OK.

Have a quick read.

It’s basically mediaeval.


What, you think that the GOP, or others utterly uncaring of the tax base, will control the Congress forevermore, able to thwart any rollbacks? I very much doubt that. Unlike Supreme Court justices, who America is stuck with unless they are impeached, tax cuts can be undone, top tax rates raised, and so on.




Are you addressing me with that? I don’t know what I said that would prompt it. In what sense am I proposing not to support society?


Once again, the wealthy liberal coastal elite thanks the Know-Nothing 27% for voting against their own economic self interests. It’s no wonder Il Douche is now selling his mailing list as the biggest and best (really the most luxurious, believe me) sucker list ever.


Grifting the gullible voters has been at the heart of movement conservatism from the start. Trump’s just taking it to the most blatant level.

Rick Perlstein’s The Long Con rings ever more true, especially now that you’re stuck with a president that makes Mitt Romney’s mendacity back in 2012 (that Perlstein opens with) look like a bit of innocent fibbing.


Her name is Disney and this is a Doctorow post.


I guess I misunderstood your point, then.


She’s free to send all of her extra money she wants to the Government. Other people may have other plans for their money.


Well, yes, the reality is that they’re working against their own financial gain, but as we’ve seen many a time, these folks and reality don’t get along. They think Trump is going to bring back obsolete coal jobs and obliterate all the brown people that are taking work they’re entitled to by virtue of being white, so in their warped view, they stand to benefit. You know, aaaaaany minute now.


Like buying another superyacht, or a twenty-room mansion they visit twice a year, or another congressman?

I can’t fault anyone for paying not a cent above what they owe in taxes, but I can fault them for lobbying to lower their taxes even when they’re at a historically low level, and they’re making more and more while the real incomes of most Americans have stagnated for decades.

Conversely, I can praise the rich who think they’re getting it too easy, and that it’s bad for America in the long run (including them). The wise elites have always understood the value of a guillotine insurance, and that includes paying their reasonable share of taxes to ensure things don’t get to the point where the guillotines are coming out.


Taxes give us useful things that we all use - like roads, schools, social security, a military, etc. Those and other things are shared resources that make modern life possible.