Disney LEGO minifigs to be available in May


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i wonder… naaahhh…
i mean, Disney already does the Disney Infinity sets,
they couldn’t possibly license out for Lego Dimensions too…

… could they? O.o


I really miss the days of “Castle” or “Space” or “Pirate” LEGO sets.




Pfff, you can keep your “official” lego merch.


Hey! Nice to see they’re still out there, even if they rarely show up in retail stores. They’re insanely expensive, of course, but that’s nothing new.


I think the castle ones were made obsolete by the invention of gunpowder.


Yes, run out there the day they hit the stores and buy them all up so they can stay on your collector’s shelves, shrinkwrap unmarred, and keep them out of the hands of kids who would, you know, actually play with them.

On the other hand, at least it would get you off my lawn for the morning, I suppose.


Did you know that you could combine Disney and Pirate sets?


I know and disapprove.



Actually that series had pretty good ships


Oh… oh no. Why did you have post this?! As a younger person the first pirates movie was one of my favourite movies… i think i still know almost all the lines to. -_- now i think i may need to go on a search for these lego sets…


Yeah I like the movies too but I gotta say the two LEGO ships from that series do make a fine addition to my Classic Pirates fleet.


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