We bought the LEGO Star Wars Rebels 'The Phantom' for the included minifigs

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Ooo - it is tempting to get that Thrawn… must stay vigilant… Keep focus small…

I did get my Heir to the Empire trilogy signed by Timothy Zahn a few months ago. I asked if he was happy to see Thrawn back on Rebels, and he said yes.

Definitely no criticism, but I think I exist in some parallel universe.

The rounded/studless contours on the ship are really nice. Wishlisted!

I’m just glad that as a nation we’ve come back around to toys that can fire spring-loaded projectiles. So many disappointing birthday gifts.


Personally I’m hoping the release of POTC5 will bring forth another LEGO Pirate ship.


Well aware, just lack space and people to play it with. I do however have a fleet for when the day comes! Someone will taste my cannons!

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