Disney reinstates James Gunn as director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3

So much for Mike Cernovich’s attempts to control the media.


i am glad we’ve established that past shitposts will not hold directors back, and look forward to my own directorial debut. i have not raped anyone, but i hope the producers will overlook this gap in my CV

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The initial firing landed so badly that it doesn’t seem likely to have been a calculated move, especially with Gunn subsequently being picked for Suicide Squad 2.

But the timing of this announcement? Coming up so closely after the release of Captain Marvel? Is it so unlikely that the marketoons have been carefully studying exactly how to stoke the hype machine and throttle the outrage engines to maximum effect?

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Oh Mann this is so awesome!! Yeah he made a couple tasteless posts a long time ago but they were obviously jokes and the campaign against him obviously a political hit job. I’m all for calling out actual shitty people but I got the sense that wasn’t what this was about at all.

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