Disney vloggers should stop harassing Disney cast members

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Ask that other attention-seeking misogynist ass how that worked out for him.


This is why we can’t have nice things.


It says a lot about the harassers. They lead lives so devoid of meaning and significance that they need to belittle others who are stuck in a miserable job which precludes them from protecting themselves. Its a damn shame that Goofy or whoever can’t just knock some asshole right out of the magic kingdom. The people that pull off that kind of crap should be ejected and banned. Same mentality that the Queens guards have to endure except they can on occasion knock sense into assholes. I love hearing them yell in their booming voice and freak people out.


These arseholes must have a lot of money to pay for such an expensive experience and then go out of their way to ruin it for themselves.


Previous posts on the subject suggest that there is intense competition for these “miserable jobs” and that the people who end up there are sufficiently talented that they could likely find employment elsewhere.

Perhaps if there is a trend then the most-talented people will indeed go elsewhere and the less-talented people will make for less-enjoyable video content.

(Maybe a possible solution is to find some way to prohibit video recording? Sounds like a nasty can of worms.)

A friend I once had worked for a theme park. She wore both the full thick anthropomorphic cartoon like costumes as well as a human and princess like ones. She was routinely groped, kicked, punched, and harassed. Many of the perpetrators were adults, or children encouraged by adults. In a thick cartoon like costume she was an ungendered actor, but she was still groped, sometimes kicked in the leg till the yelped so the offenders would know her gender and then groped. I don’t think any of those people feared ejection, but times are different.

Given all the legalize that one agrees to when one enters Disneyland, I wonder if there was a fine or if they could just have more minders around to eject these terrible people.


I imagine that actual fines would be difficult to enforce, but given the cost to enter the park being ejected with no refund is basically a fine already. The costumed characters have generally had non-costumed escorts to help manage the crowds and guard (a bit) against abuse for years now but you would probably need a set of actual security officers standing by if you wanted to escort out large numbers of abusive guests, or intimidate them into behaving better. I don’t know what the best solution is.

During covid times the characters are usually placed behind a barrier a short distance away from the crowds so that there’s no physical contact at all, but that probably won’t be the case forever.


It seems to be on that continuum with the YT clickbait “social experiments” of x years ago which were so often exercises in racism, sexism, potential assaults/violence-baiting and harassment of low wage workers, all masquerading as the opposite.



Makes me think of the Brightstar theme park from Succession. Enter The Greg - Succession (2018) - YouTube


Sexual harassment. For the kids?



Is it cannon that Pinocchio is a big Bill Nelson fan? If not, then in '89 I had a cast member break character by excitedly pointing at the T-shirt I was wearing and then giving me multiple thumbs up.


Speaking of breaking character… I don’t really consider this breaking character - but the Blue Man group is known for rarely talking. After the show, the greeted people in the lobby, and I gushed excitedly that I loved the use of KLF’s Last Train to Transcentral at the end.

He replied, “You must have been cognizant in the 80s.”

“The White Room came out in '91, but yes!”


I was already irritated when it seemed that selfie “hey look at me” culture was getting out of control, yet humanity finds ways to make things much, much worse. I think a fitting punishment would be to take social media away from these monsters but I don’t see TikTok or whatever actually doing that.


Disney vloggers should stop


This is really pretty awful and inhumane. We already know Disney underpays its cast members, let’s not make their lives worse as they try to make your vacation magical.

It constitutes punching down in the worst kind of way.


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