Disneyland: The first two kids to go through the gates on opening day (1955)

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“Okay boys, get out there and find me the two most precocious, towheaded little tykes America ever did see!”
“Yes sir, Mr. Disney!”
“And they’d better be freshly scrubbed! With nice shoes!”
“Yes sir, Mr. Disney!”
“Throw some lifetime passes at `em! And a set of mouse-ear hats!”
“Yes sir, Mr. Disney!”


[quote]a Disney rep plucked them out of the crowd and invited to them to “do a thing.”[/quote]Oh dear.


So they queue-jumped and the punishment was that they didn’t get to go on any rides until Walt Disney got enough photos.

Seems fair.


I was laughing at that. Oh yay, we get to spend an hour getting our picture taken with some old man. I wonder if he’s Santa or the President? When I was that age I couldn’t tolerate having a camera pointed at me for ten seconds.


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