District Attorney sneaks out of work to deliver DoorDash

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I am clearly not hustling enough.


The “gig economy” is coming for us all.

Doorbell just rang. It must be my cardiologist delivering my breakfast burrito.


Humans of the World, stop turning every waking moment in to a monetized event. You’re killing the/your JOY of life. The Corporations of the planet are evil, again.


Were they ever not?

Demotion, huh. I wonder what would have happened if he’d been a POC, or a white woman. Does anyone here think he should have been fired?

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I had a family member who was making 30k or so as an “assistant da”. So my first thought was… well pay shitty ass wages and what do you expect to happen? This guy was making 125k? though? where was all his money going? Something else is going on.


That’s why I started my little corporation; getting out of my stupidly stressful full time job to maintain my physical and emotional health pushed me into contract work. I always knew I needed a niche skill set to survive.
Fortunately my gig has paid well over the past decade and shows no sign of slowing. Many others in the gig economy have less profitable opportunities.


I’m a consultant, too, so basically another gig worker. In a sense, the neoliberal insistence that we are all (supposedly) “free individual agents operating in the free market” has been made reality, to disastrous effect like this case.

The real question is, to what degree are people other than oneself and economic inequality setting the terms of one’s gig(s)?


In my case I have a relatively rare confluence of areas of expertise, so I’m at the stage where I set my terms and the clients take them or leave it. I’m not a completely mercenary bastard, though. I genuinely want to deliver the best product at a fair price and see my clients benefit from my efforts.


Also the willful blindness to the difference between freelancing or working an actual gig on one hand, and, on the other hand, large corporations and angel-funded startups dodging taxes, regulations and responsibilities by funneling workers and customers alike into one big homogeneous slop trough with a thin veneer of saccharine crapware siphoned by illegal EULAs reserving the right to everyone and their neighbor’s first born on penalty of insurmountable legal fights and talk-to-the-invisible-hand customer “service”.


Same for me. It takes a great amount of privilege and/or good fortune to be in that position. IThe vast majority of formal or effective “gig workers”, in contrast, are employees in all but name (and all but benefits) at the mercy of …


Without looking, I’m gonna guess…debt. Corporations put so much effort into marketing that convinces folks to get in over their heads financially. Every year in the US they post the figures on record-setting consumer debt (usually blamed on holiday spending). Payday lenders, credit card companies, and mortgage lenders cannot wait for folks to get back to work so they can make their payments (and help to recover whatever losses were caused by the pandemic).


Don’t forget student loans. The more post-secondary degrees one has, the deeper in debt one is likely to be. Medical debt for himself or a family member is also a possibility.

Murka, Greatest Country on Earth!


I’m sorry but at $125k/yr you have to make a series of spectacularly poor decisions before it makes sense to side hustle for door dash.

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I have no idea why he did what he did, and it’s clear he made a poor decision to work DoorDash deliveries on the county’s time.

But your assertion that that poor decision could only come from a series of spectacularly poor decisions suggests to me that you’ve never seen what, for example, ruinous medical debt can do to a family.


Or even just plain Capitalism in general.


The man is a lawyer. A side hustle for a lawyer should not be scrabbling for tips under a usurious gig that is lucky to net you enough to pay for the wear and tear on your car. He’s got the skills and education to make far more than the minimum wage he’s likely to get with door dash.


Bucks County is in Pennsylvania for any of you wondering.

Median income in PA is 31k individual, 61k household - compared to what the article said is the 125k salary of the DA. So, hard working Gregg there must either be trying to stash for something big or, maybe, got himself in some financial troubles.