Ditch the binoculars and travel light with this high definition monocular telescope

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/09/29/ditch-the-binoculars-and-travel-light-with-this-high-definition-monocular-telescope.html

monocular telescope

Umm, just telescope. Or just monocular. After all, nobody says ‘binocular telescope’ (though I wouldn’t put it past the fuckwits at StackCommerce).

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So this could actually be a good thing for me. 6 months into self isolation in a very downtown part of a very big city, I’ve become a little nutty about any type of mammalian anything coming by (stray cats exclusively so far but I could get a rat unafraid of heights and cats, I guess). So I have my big, heavy binoculars by the door to the terrace garden, and at any sign of a cat I run out to view it. But by the time I get the binoculars out of their case and get the protectors off all 4 ends and then get it aimed and adjusted, sometimes the kiteh has stopped doing funny stuff and is just glaring at me. This could help.
Does it come in hardwood and bronze?


Au contraire, mon BBer.

Years ago, I would purchase reasonably priced (and gently used) telescope eyepieces and related sundry from a gentlemen who ran his business from his apartment which – on each of my visits – never failed to astound me with the variety of his stock and how said stock took up almost every square inch of floorspace. The centerpiece was his home-kludged binocular telescope comprising two 8" Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrains. (!!!)


But when you do catch it in the act, surely you’ll need a device with image capture so you can upload it to the intertubes and astound us all with the originality of it. :wink:

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