DIY Underlit LED Skirt


I can’t tell if that’s on topic, or off. Hmm, something about that LED outfit does make it hard to stay on topic… scratches head most vigorously


She is also into food photography.


The Mighty Boosh is always on topic.


OB/GYN: “Has anyone seen my flashlight?”


How soon we forget.


She could have put the power source in one of those tiny purses slung over her shoulder but attached to her belt at the side. Hidden out in the open and even more girly fun.


Food? What food?


Milkshakes, mostly.


That would be “fun” at a US airport TSA security screening.



can’t you just stick a flashlight in your…nevermind…


Or the homosexual female gaze… No?



paging @nixiebunny, paging @nixiebunny. Please report to this thread with your awesome warez.


in the very last picture she’s added a link to another imgur album of the second iteration of the box that is thinner, rounded and a much better appearance.


Glad everyone likes skirt. Took a minute to figure out why site name familiar. I have read this story outloud to kids in some 3D printing workshop:


Copy paste some my answers from Reddit to above issues

On making more conservative or other improvement:

If someone cooks something you can say what you would do differently or can take the recipe and make better. In Open Source we call this fork. my own idea is a fork of the original Japanese idea because it did not suit my taste. I’d love if someone forked this project again to suit their own taste.

Workflow and battery pack size and safety:

You know how overseas Chinese students in America all copy each others work to get answers? This workflow scale. How we work when older too. So if I have a question I open up QQ and have a few hundred friends. We all help each other with whatever. Many are engineers or work in factories here in Shenzhen. Most of the electronics in the world are made here and a lot of them designed and engineered here also. So easy to get very very professional help. This network has been called gongkai. Also why so many hardware startup here.

This is just to explain I am not battery or hardware expert but get some good help when I have question.

Lithium-polymer is not a big problem for wearables. Google Glass and Apple/Android Watch uses Li-Po. Issue is shield. My first idea was just to sew a pocket. QQ factory friends said no way not safe. Need hard enclosure. How hard? Cannot poke through with something sharp. Should be able to stand on. The idea was most likely that I would step on battery with my high heel and puncture. One of the reasons the 3D printed box is a little bulky. Walls are thick enough to stop puncture. High infill for strength. Have hit one with hammer to test. Also sharp screwdriver. Anything that breaks box would break my ribs first😨.

Other issue was shorts. So used hot glue to cover all contacts inside enclosure. And you can see the charging jack has splash proof plug.

The enclosure also pulls away. You can see from how the buckle works. Anything funny and I just push it. Falls away.

So I think as safe as any consumer product now. More likely to break an ankle on high heel. Statistic li-po explosion is very very rare. Just scary to think about.:flushed:

Why don’t I add micro controller solder many battery packs together or use addressable LED:

When I started making more Western friends I got invited to a pot luck dinner by some expat ladies. I was just out of school and had not learned to cook Western food yet. So I made some simple food my mom taught me how to make and brought it. I ate lot of delicious food and everyone like my dish. At the end they asked me for the recipe… Chinese don’t really use recipe. Don’t even have measuring spoon😓. The ladies were very nice but I was so embarrassed cannot share recipe also😳.

Some ladies cooked very very good food. But when you look at their recipe- so simple! All cheap local ingredients. Everyone really impressed because normally have to use expensive imported ingredients to make Western food. Wah! You know. So much face. Never know I could cook that kind of food myself.

Those ladies can make something fancy to bring. They can afford expensive ingredients have fancy ‘Kitchaid’ and kitchen tools. But smart ones they make and share a recipe any of us can make. Even like me who never cooked Western food before. Really that is impressive.

So for me. I don’t want to make the skirt hardware so fancy with lots of soldering and arduino and things like that. No face in it. Impressive is when a new Maker sister forks my little idea and sews it into something awesome. If I can do that… so great. So I want to keep it so ladies who come from sewing and crafts background can use this idea easy.

On some criticism of my clothing (‘slut shaming’ seems very popular hobby in Maker community. Had not encounter in China before. No problem here.):

Maybe my clothes a little outrageous. Maybe step backwards? Personal taste. But that I can safely wear them if I choose to is progress. American have something like this ‘I disagree with what you say but support your right to say it?’ Or something? Don’t have to like what I wear. But how cool that I can? No one grab me. Bother me. Give me problem. That’s pretty cool for all women who have ever felt unsafe in clothes they like.

Another other question. Prefer about skirt. Just ask.


Rock it! (The boat and the skirt.)


Good on you for thinking for yourself and making your own decisions. :kissing_heart:

TIL that CEO Ellen Pao is out at Reddit, and co-founder Steve Huffman is taking over

They are fine, I am just old and cranky and cant see where that is functional as clothing other than just enough to hide the lights and wiring. Keep up the making of cool things.

TIL that CEO Ellen Pao is out at Reddit, and co-founder Steve Huffman is taking over