Do not boil your underwear in hotel kettles


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Putting your underwear INSIDE the kettle?? Why in the high holy hell would you do that? Jibbers Crabst that is disgusting.


Don’t you like Pee Pee Tea?


I just got back from a conference where I explained to some colleagues why I would not use the equipment in the room for coffee. They thought I was being paranoid.


It’s all fun and games until someone comes down with Geobacter of the crotch.


Oh, you know, you learn to check things in Australia.

Gardening gloves? Check there isn’t a funnel web spider in them.

Woodpile? Check there isn’t a taipan lurking in it.

Kettle? Check there aren’t underpants in it.


I am no expert on putting fabric in boiling hot water, but I am willing to bet that every fabric used to make underwear will shrink or or get damaged.

If someone is worried about microbes on their underwear then they should use an autoclave or thermite to really deal with them — at least they’ll know that the microbes (and underwear) will be gone and destroying the underwear is an added-feature that you will not need to worry about them getting more microbes after wearing them again.


If you steam them, it preserves the vitamins.


Can I just wash my underwear in the washing machine?


Weirdo …


I am Australian and have spent a lot of time washing clothes in hotel rooms. This is not a thing. Hopefully not, because I’ve also drink a lot of hot water from the kettles…


It doesn’t in fact say this is a thing in Australia. It says that one person - one - asked if anyone does it. The answer is no; no one does it.

Explain yourself, Beschizza. How did you manage to get “it’s a thing in Australia from” “someone on social media asked if anyone does this”?


I’ve never stayed in a hotel that has room kettles.
I feel like I’m missing out on something.


On behalf of my fellow Australians: yuck.

The article was inspired by this tweet:

Everyone who responded to it thought was gross, except for one lady who admitted to doing so. So, possibly not to a statistically significant extent?
I might start pretending to be a Kiwi when overseas tho, to avoid rumours starting.


Have Australians not heard of luggage? In the 21st Century, we have special technology that allows us to bring as many undergarments as we will need, based on the duration of our trip. It’s called a suitcase. No need to boil your underpants in the hotel kettle, FFS.

Besides, in America we know not to use the hotel coffee maker because people make meth in them.


Certainly. Happy to. It’s Gizmodo. Do I really need to explain more?


But then where will you brew your tea?


Skid brew with cream? NO THANKS!


Parts Per Trillion? Outside of homeopathy, I’d say 1 PPT of urine would still be too many.


Yeah…sounds like it’s one of those things that gets circulated to make fun of rednecks/bogans etc.
We get a lot of that in the southern USA too. NO, We Do NOT EAT DIRT.