Do Not Combine Baby with Hydrochloric Acid


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My favorite one involves a lemon. Tried it on my son and all nieces and nephews. Oddly, my son never learned to hate lemons and even today, he’ll peel and eat them.

Hah! We just did that earlier this month with Althea, using a lime.

Seriously, people, if you’ve not looked up the genre of “Baby’s First Lemon Tasting” on YouTube, you must.

Hilariously, my daughter kept taking a bite, making a horrible face, and then, almost immediately, putting the lime back in her mouth again. She would have done this essentially forever, apparently. I think it says something about the human condition.

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I know some recent and soon to be parents that this might appeal to, going to have to look into getting a couple of copies.

Also second paragraph link at “Experimenting with Babies" has some extra stuff making it non-functional.
fixed :slight_smile:

Yeah, all the links are showing up like that for some reason. We’re on it.

Surprisingly there are far fewer habanero videos.

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Do Not Combine Baby with Hydrochloric Acid

Sure, they teach you that the first week in Chem 101. Always add acid to baby, never baby to acid. It’s a splash-hazard thing.


There’s always going to be a certain amount of splashing. Make sure to wear plenty of protective gear.

Well, duh, everyone know a baby (at least human ones) generate their own hydrochloric acid.

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