Do not park your car close to the train tracks

Train takes a door (@ 0:36) and gives one back (@ 0:45)!

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Yeah, exactly. There appears to be 2 people that try to run up and “save” the truck, as though the force and weight of a train will show any mercy whatsoever.

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Good to see that Vietnam has some of the same societal problems as we have here in the US.

Which is to say vertical phone videos.


Driver needs more training.


Some fancy restaurant patios aren’t much further from the road and are exposed to continuous exhaust fumes.

For “truck driver” read “American public.” For “train” read “Trump.” Nice allegory!


You see it with roads where a highway gets built and attracts retailers. Population density rises and residents start to complain about all the vehicles driving through at high speed so a bypass gets built (gotta built bypasses) and the formerly straight road turns in an inefficient zigzag route while the retailers sell up and open shops along the bypass where the business is.

I like how they know exactly how close things can be and when to avoid being damaged.

One word: Lichtraumprofil.

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