Do the Star Wars sway to this 1977 country song, "May the Force Be With You Always"


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This is a really strange song for me to listen to. I can’t decide if he was pandering when he made this song or if it’s genuine. But at least we got a country SW song.


May the force be with you always sweetheart

Might twangy, but nice.


His dark forces were Jesus and Jack.


Godfather of Filk!


Biff Tannen?


Tom T Hall is the man. He’s written around a dozen #1 hits, including Harper Valley PTA. My personal faves are Faster Horses, I Love, The Year Clayton Delaney Died, Watermelon Wine and Country Is.


I prefer the Alec Guinness version.


Country music isn’t my cup of tea (although I do enjoy some cross-over tunes), but this song comes off as sophisticated compared to the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special.


When I was a kid I swear I heard Tom T. Hall’s “Sneaky Snake” a hundred times–he even appeared in a commercial for a nearby zoo and mentioned “sneaky snakes” as one of the attractions. The adults never thought to put this song on for us.


The 70’s were a very sincere time for country music and for music in general.


He also wrote this tune that Kottke made his own:

And you know this one, from his album “Songs Of Fox Hollow”, I was obsessed with this song for a while:


40 years later I still get bits of that song running through my mind from time to time.


I’ve always had this irrational hatred of Tom T Hall. I’ve never been able to put my finger on it. The slimy Vegas lounge act vibe? The hokey collection of cliches in his lyrics? The teeth?



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