Do You Remember Haircut 100?


Haircut 100. Weren’t they so then?


I remember Love Plus One … But that’s about it.




I’ve averaged one haircut about every two months throughout most of my life, so Haircut 100 would have been when I was about 17. Good times. Clinton was President, music still sounded like music, the Millennials were still just young kids, and all was right with the world.


Oh yea. I’d forgotten just how very 1980s they were.

Those are their other two singles that I remember.

Also, vaguely related- at work, I had to write a little program to calculate how much value some of the company’s assets had to be marked down by (a figure known as a “haircut”) . Naturally, I made sure that the code was configured in such a way that haircut_100 was a valid and logical variable name to use at one point.


The first time I heard Vampire Weekend I thought, “Oh good, the '00s have their very own Haircut 100”

I’m just going to leave this here. Because I want to.


I remember they performed (or pantomimed) “Favourite Shirts” on the show Laugh Trax. (Man, I loved that show.)


Ooo this is so on point and totally woke :eyes:


Hey I remember those guys! But I haven’t thought about them once in 30 years.

@critter Wasn’t Fun Boy Three one half of the English Beat? Or something?


The Specials.


I love this band unironically.

Feel the same way about Vampire Weekend. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The phrase Vampire Weekend means something totally different than I thought it did.

I thought it was a weekend so wild and crazy that it doesn’t help you unwind, but drains your energy like a vampire. You’re actually looking forward to coming into the office at 7am on Monday so you can have some down time.

It turns out that it didn’t have that meaning. Until now.


I remember that song/video, for sure.


So, 80s. Much preppy. Such wow!


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