Do you remember HBO's delightful sign-off animation from the channel's early years? (video)

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No nudity or foul language. I am disappoint.


Nope. Back then, my dad would NEVER pay for a TV signal. My family was the only one in the neighborhood who didn’t have cable. But today, I see his wisdom and wish I could crowbar-pry my own family away from TV.


That’s very sweet. HBO Max should make a new one where the people stay up all night binge-watching a series.

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Sorry, we only had Showtime, and movies I saw on it were very clear about the dangers of watching TV after the regular broadcasts ended.

Horror Movies Are In My Blood — “They're here.” Poltergeist, 1982


I do not remember ever seeing this. But that could be because there was little point in staying up that late, watching TV.


Both versions of the music are far too exciting for the sleepytime theme. I’d be up all night.

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I seem to remember a premium channel service called Hollywood Home Theater. It seemed to be replaced (or bought out by, or maybe re-branded) by HBO. This would have been mid to late 1970s.

Anyone else remember that form that era?

If it helps: the monthly brochure was a 10" x 10", 4-color, shiny paper that folded out to a 10" x 30" to describe the month’s offering.

The movie “Rollerball” was it’s big-name release when the service debuted.

Different network.



What stays with me is Jimmy Durante’s closing of his TV show. And he would say “good night Mrs Calabash wherever you are”. Always (still) makes me sad.

That would’ve been before we had cable. But I do remember this:

Years later a few of us at work would go around whistling that riff…

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I need my winddown alarm on my phone and PC to run this to remind me to go to bed.

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I didn’t have cable until the mid 1980s. When I was in rhe USAF we had cable in the recreation center but that usually closed at 11:00PM. I never saw any HBO signoffs.

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