Doc Martens with velcro straps


Well, if we’re talking about the overlap between women’s sizes and men’s, I gotta pipe up. My feet are ‘over-engineered’ for the size of the rest of me, but they are emphatically ‘feminine’ in shape. ‘Feminine’ feet are shaped like playing-card diamonds - they’re widest at the ball of the foot and taper forward toward the middle toe, and backward toward the heel. Mine, like my hands, are even more exaggeratedly diamond-shaped. But they’re really long…and women’s safety boots (the good ones) are rarely on super-clearance. But small men’s boots can be had for a fraction of their original price! So, I get around the wiggle in the heel by adding extra insoles, which is a bonus if you stomp around the whole day. The added thickness pushes your foot higher up into the toebox and shaft of the boot, which is narrower. …and thick socks.


Seriously? These look terrible. I love DMs and I’m wearing some right now but the ones in the image look like a complete design failure to me with the obsolete string holes underneath the velcro strip.


Do they come in 48 hole velcro?


I want to congratulate you for using the proper product description. Velcro® is working hard to encourage the distinction between the brand and the product it is synonymous with. Being pedantic is the most punk.



In the case of my Mary Janes, I’m not kidding about how old they are. I bought 'em in '92 or '93. And I’m wearing them right now. They need polishing, but otherwise have held up magnificently.


“…the sneakerheads be like:'Oh, he got the Velcros!”




How to look like a fop for only $229.



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