Doc Martens with velcro straps


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Got my 40 of Ensure
And my gold-plated walker
In my Velcro Docs
I’m one grand mother fucker




I admit, the first thing I thought when I saw those was “hey, adaptive fashion!”


Good point!


I love DM’s, they are the only shoe/boot I wear. But damn… that’s expensive.


… especially when one considers that the pants cuff can pretty much hide the Velcro strips, and is anyone really, really looking down there? Might as well get the standard 1461.


Punk fashion has always been about transgressing boundaries
(well, that and selling Malcom McClaren’s fetish wear). What could be more punk than putting velcro closures on Docs? Plus, if Sid Vicious had lived, he definitely wouldn’t be able to tie his shoes by now. These would be perfect.


this just seems all sorts of wrong.


Was he ever?


That’s a good point.


Nazi punks
Nazi punks
Nazi punks


along with my docs I had turtles and kaepa shoes…
so I’m all for the hook-n-loop closure… but why are there eyelets?

that’s just fucking dumb.

let’s wear both braces and a belt kind of dumb


Doc Martens must be for a demographic other than mine. They look like they’re made for cold weather, but the soles will send you skating if there’s snow or ice on the ground.


Why bother with velcro? Mary Janes have a bit of elastic on the buckle end. Haven’t needed to ever lace them in 25 years, but did need to replace the elastic last year. Are they not making the Mary Jane in “men’s” sizes these days?


Originally Made in England where snow and ice are something to freak out about, but near freezing temperatures a good third of the year is expected and perfectly normal.


Daiki Suzuki

Did anyone else read that as Damo Suzuki on first glance?


He is from Japan where you have to take your shoes of every time you go indoors so velcro shoes like this are quite popular (as are Dr Martens)




I have learned the hard way that some styles of DMs are made on a “mens” shoe last, and other styles are made on a “womens” last. Usually the womens is narrower and the toe pointier than the mens, even at the same nominal size.