Doctor Bombay! Doctor Bombay! Emergency! Right Away!


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Great as a now & then gimmick for the series, but in a lump like this… uggg, irritating.


A tie with Uncle Arthur in my book for best supporting comedy relief.


And of course most of the time the emergency call is interrupting Dr. Bombay in the middle of a bath or climbing a mountain or a hot date.

Bernard Fox one of the go-to character actors for '60s sitcoms. I also enjoyed him as the incompetent and delusional Colonel Crittendon in “Hogan’s Heroes”.



Why is that couch so close to the floor?


That’s the emergency. They misplaced the couch legs somewhere in the shag carpet.


They gave him a bit part in the Mummy, Winston the Bi-Plane pilot, and then killed him off post haste…


How disappointing! The video has all sorts of people “paging Doctor Bombay,” but no actual Doctor Bombay. I liked this show as a kid, but not enough to actually remember Doctor Bombay. I wonder if he was interesting?


my twitter handle has been Dr_Bombay for over 10 years now, and before that it was part of my email address. i feel so needed all of the sudden! haha


I seem to remember he was, which is why I’m a bit disappointed, too.

*But not enough for the list…


He would always start with a great story of exactly what he was in the middle of when called. Thus, the various outfits.


I was just a bit too young to appreciate how hot Elisabeth Montgomery was. Of course, she was just being the best WASP housewife she could be, while wild cousin Serena(?) was the fun alter ego.
On the other channel, I had no problems appreciating Jeannie, Mary Ann, and Marcia Brady…



Wasn’t Rip Taylor an occasional support as well?

This was the show of my childhood.


The majority of Doctor Bombay episodes appear to have been Dick Sargent episodes.


Hard to believe to really watched the show but do not remember Dr. Bombay. You probably watched a couple episodes, otherwise you certainly would have seen him.



Colonel (?) who gives his men tea after battle, which causes infections. Is totally blind to the deleterious effect his incessant cheerfulness, etc. has on his men.


Nowadays, it’s: “Computer, initiate Emergency Medical Holographic program.”


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