Doctor Who almost got canceled during the pandemic

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At the end of the world, there will be Doctor Who and cockroaches. And the doctor will be trying to save the cockroaches.


Considering the quality of the stories for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor, it wouldn’t have been a great loss if it was canceled.



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Doctor who almost got canceled during the pandemic…

And? What’s their name? Who? The doctor…

I don’t know, third base.


Doctor Who almost got canceled earlier in the pandemic.

The show being canceled during the pandemic can’t yet be ruled out.


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They’re flush with cash from Disney now, presumably. How inevitable was that? Would it have happened anyway if Robertson Russell T. Davies hasn’t decided to return? Or if Bob Iger wasn’t back?

Or was it all just dastardly deals with forces with which humanity was not meant to tamper?


It’s amazing to me how the BBC has treated Doctor Who, despite the fact that it brings in enormous amounts of licensing money for the beeb. I can only assume some sort of “reverse Hollywood accounting” is in effect, where it generates lots of revenue but somehow none of that money makes it back to the BBC itself (and certainly not to the budget for the show).

Viewers in every era of Doctor Who: “Wow, the show is so uneven now, unlike the previous era, whose bad episodes I have forgotten completely.”

The show (in its modern form, anyway) was bringing in so much money (with third party broadcasts and via product licensing), that I can’t imagine the Disney money actually changes the dynamics all that much, unless somehow where the money is going is different for this particular deal. Somehow the BBC always seemed to view the show as something they couldn’t afford, while simultaneously the show was clearly generating more revenue than it cost them to make the program (which has never been much, by US TV standards).


Russell T Davies? :smile:

I had given up by Peter Capaldi, they should have just let the Doctor swear on that show… to distract from the writing.

You didn’t miss “Heaven Sent”, I hope? Bloody brilliant, that episode. Stands up well enough on its own, too. Probably doesn’t entirely make sense if you think about it too hard, but that goes for pretty much the entirety of the show.


I did miss it. Steven Moffat is a perfectly capable writer but waiting for a good one was getting to be a slog.


i despise what they did to bill and basically never want to watch that arc again. that said missy was a brilliant master, and heaven sent is a spectacular standalone episode.


The Doctor Who fan cycle:

It’s been this way ever since the first regeneration


Troughton had the best first story ever. Even managed to make the Daleks interesting and clever.

“I am your servant

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“You will be Assimi-Elmo-ated. Resistance is futile”.

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Wait what? Ok, I completely missed that news.

^^^^ This, so much this (and you can extend it to most fandoms)


Yeah, though you really see the dynamic with long-running franchises, which Doctor Who is, even if we just consider new-Who. Also, regularly introducing new creators and radically different actors playing the roles adds to it, so each “era” is relatively short… Doctor Who ends up being a particularly extreme example of the dynamic.

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