Documentary about the life and death of Terry Davis, creator of TempleOS

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Terry Davis & TempleOS were well-known on HN, where he commented.

It’s certainly a tragic story, of a man with schizophrenia who stopped taking their drugs, and eventually left the shelter of their parent’s home because of their mental illness.

You can have an idea of his interactions with the tech world through his comments on HN. Note that you need to be logged in and have “showdead” enabled, because otherwise you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg, those comments that have been vetted…

Frankly, as an embedded/OS developer myself, his technical ideas were… controversial. I’ll grant that value can be found in coming out of left field, but not every left-field idea is valuable.


any good video clips of his OS that show it in action?

Yeah no one thought that

I think you’re picturing something like Minix or Menuet, which are actual products. TempleOS was more in the vein of TimeCube; you need to really dig into the subject to get a sense of what it is, and I wouldn’t really recommend doing so. It did appear to lead the pack in terms of automatic hymn generation, though.

there’s a bunch of videos on youtube if you search templeos, and wikipedia has this pic:

didn’t realize that it was specifically a commodore 64 inspired 64 bit os. built with his own c++ language ( called holy c of course. )


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