Does this baby have a man's head?


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Or… Did this man grow a really tiny ear?


"Took me longer than I care to admit."

Title to my Autobiography.


CamelBak’s new line of hydration packs are, well, kinda creepy.


Dr. Karamazov?



The baby has no head at all.


Yes. The answer is clearly yes.


“Headless baby” would be a pretty weird new backpack style.


Oh wow, I would buy that.


Are you writing it …

(wait for it)


Where can I get a novelty baby Spider-man Camel Back like that?

They really need better warnings on shrink rays :confused:


Title of your sex tape…



…and then wear it very with one of these slings, would you?


To me, it looks like conjoined twins, one of whom didn’t fully develop, giving the major twin a second butt that’s a pain to wipe…


A man-baby hybrid? Science has gone too far!


Like a reverse Kuato from Total Recall?


Science went far enough with Trump the man-baby.

Actually, that was just bad luck.
For everyone.


Oh my how exciting! This looks like the first documented evidence of a human male giving birth via the extremely rare process of “baby budding”. It’s always been theorized the offspring’s head is last to emerge and here we can see that is indeed the case.


Oh, so boing boing is body-shaming big-headed babies now? Classy. Real classy.


Who rules Grown Up Town? MasterCard Holder, that’s who!