Dog confounded by spinner


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My biggest pet-related fear is that when I do finally get a dog or a cat, it will be utterly unremarkable.


It’s tough to top the last one you had, I have found.


no matter what, there will be something that is completely endearing. have no fear.


Hell, I’M confounded by spinners. Tops have existed as long as there have been toys – why are these suddenly so hot?


I’m sure almost everyone who has owned a skateboard has had occasion to sit, and spin a wheel manually because it’s fun. Spinners condense and multiply that fun by orders of magnitude. A tight fast set of bearings is neato. Combine that with a machined housing, and more bearings that can sustain some momentum and you’ve got hours of “gee!”.


I love how he stops for a second, then loses his shit all over again. :heart:


My dog HATES spinners. She tries to sniff it, it bonks her nose, she sneezes, and then goes back in to sniff it again. Bonk. Repeat.


@beschizza wrote:

This video of a dog counfounded by a spinner represents me every morning when I turn on the internet.

Well, then, at least you’re vertical :smiley:


Yes. This is true.

(She jumped back up on the table after the video ended. “Go ahead! Take another 400 ml!”

Well. New dog doesn’t throw up as much of Kira there. She’s got that going for her.

I need to get one of those spinners, because Ivory needs her head messed with.


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