Dog invades soccer pitch, poops on it


I know professional athletes tend to be focused when playing their game but I can’t figure out why they all looked so pissed off to have their game interrupted. You’d think they’d still be able to see the comedy in all of it.

Also I’m curious if any of the guys trying to catch the dog have ever seen one in their life. Trying to chase something on four legs just means it’s going to outrun you. Either try to call the dog to you or distract it in some way.

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Gloria: My uncle used to fix soccer matches.
Jay: Did he pick up the ball and throw it down the field? Because that’s the only way you fix soccer.

That bit of dialogue from Modern Family had me laughing almost as much as this. I love the game, but love anything that adds a bit of levity to it even more. Then again I always cheer for Cardiff, and they’re already a bit of a joke.

The crowd yelled “ole´” every time the dog ran past his captors. He was a very handsome dog and sweet, not at all aggressive despite being surrounded by all those men. He needs a home!



My question is, was the dog aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field or not?? Too bad there are no compass points in the video.


Yes but who picked up the poop?

Supposedly, he already has quite a few offers. This lady who lives near the stadium says she found him the next day, took him home, bathed him, and is screening applicants. I saw a few newspaper articles from the town where the game took place that link to this FB page, so I bet it’s true about plenty of people wanting to adopt this dog (famous in social media already). The only question is whether it’s the same pooch. You be the judge :

What a great face he’s making in this pic from the top of (all the) sports section:

Thanks for posting the facebook page. It sure looks like the same dog. It would be nice to have a happy ending for a change. It looks like the lady who found him is a dog person so maybe she won’t hand him over to just anybody.

He’s scared, but hoping for the best.

They are worried that with his fame, somoene will want him and then lose interest- the easter kitten syndrome-so they are screening for people who don’t care much about about celebrity or football. That said, I will also say that in general, dogs tend to be much more autonomous and less neurotic here. It’s common for dogs to be wild, and I’ve never seen one that was the picture of dejection (like the roming, flea ridden, hungry dogs in other countries). Here a dog trotting around probably won’t even take you up on bite of food, unless it’s something really worthwhile. People feed them, and rarely mistreat them. I have seen:

  1. Dogs accumulating inside, yes, inside the National Cathedral, where a nun then came and emptied a bag of kibble onto the floor under all that stained glass.
  2. A dog get on a train at a stop, meander around the aisle, then sort of boredly position himself at a door, then get off at the next stop as though it were his daily commute.
  3. A neighbor lady angry because homeless people were ‘stealing’ the blankets she wrapped around dogs in the plaza during a cold snap.

Also-they have a (free) national heath care system with hospitals and this includes a veterinary hospital. You saw in the video that this dog interrumpted a very important game for 5 minutes before the video started, pooped the pitch, ran about and there was no violent dog pound man come in with that horrible lasso on a stick thing they use, and no horrible, violent shelter to cage him into alongside other traumatized, lonely dogs; they were patient with him, the crowd loving him, and would not grab him roughly. Only when he let himself be taken was he taken.


They could have pretended to throw a stick off the pitch.

not long ago another player went medieval on a poor dog, and was automatically ejected from the club. of course, gaining also a huge social condemnation. since then, there’s a noticeable shift in player’s behavior regarding dogs on the field. I, for one, celebrate it.

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