Dogs are suffering in Georgia Regents University dental experiments, says US Humane Society


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I can’t take the animal abuse stories, so I won’t read the article. What are random source Class B dealers? Are they licensed to sell the dogs, and where do they come from?

As a side note: I also have extreme fear and dislike of dentists, no offense to anyone here, I just never had a good experience with one.


Shut them down. They obviously don’t have the resources to care for their animals properly, and the vet seems to have given up. There’s also absolutely no way they can conduct valuable research in those conditions. Repeatable experiments means you need healthy animals in stable conditions, environmental and mental. This facility doesn’t have that in any way. This is what happens when the reason for animal research is to develop a product for money, not to produce good science.


Huh. My wife does animal research on mice, rats, and microscopic worms. The animals need to come from a highly controlled breeder, where they are tightly controlled.

I would assume that all animals come from a similar source. There’s all kinds of regulations about this stuff, how they can be treated, etc. - even if you’re gonna kill the thing to take its brain out. Using pets or former pets isn’t allowed. But yes, some scientists do use dogs, monkeys, cats, lampreys, etc.

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There is no rationale for this torture. How can the people participating look at themselves in the mirror? I couldn’t finish watching the video without crying.

List of these dealers:

Class “B” dealers are licensed to purchase and sell animals to research. The law has unfortunately allowed “B” Dealers to obtain animals for re-sale from other “B” dealers, shelters and from persons who have bred and raised the animals themselves. Many of them are stolen pets or rustled en masse from animal shelters.


I am deeply ashamed of my State.

Sad. :frowning:

Horrific. In the past couple of years the alert has been out re: pets being stolen from cars in parking lots. Animal shelters should demand follow ups on adopted animals and this so called institution of higher learning should be held accountable for its complicity in this abusive and nefarious practice.

You would be incorrect in that assumption. As recently as 2009, there were around 3000 Class B dealers licensed by USDA. Today, there are only six left and four of those are under investigation for violating the Animal Welfare Act. With any luck, they’ll all be shut down soon. Using pets is not allowed, but when a class B dealer buys a stolen pet from an individual, he can say he does not “know” it was a pet.

Georgia Regents University is what used to be Augusta College and the Medical College of Georgia. They were forced into a merger by the State a few years ago as a money saving measure. It is the main publicly supported medical school in this state. They should have a higher sense of ethics than this.

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