NBC broadcaster discovers dog left in a hot car


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One good thing about Beautiful Downtown Burbank… Animal control arrives a few minutes after ya call about critters in hot cars.


I’ve seen folks break windows in Arizona.


When I lived in Arizona, this was, probably still is a common event. That includes children being left in cars as well.


Let’s park the owner in the car for about 20 minutes. Hold him there without his car keys and pin the doors shut with a few sympathetic pet owners. A State Trooper did this in Ohio last year with an amazing result.


Based on that edit, my prelminary conclusion was that @petzl was just a troll. Then I read @petzl’s other posts. At that point, I realized I was wrong. @petzl is just an asshole.


Roger That!


Nah, he’s just a griefer. He does this for a living. I’d volunteer him for a test sit in the car, but there’s no point. Can’t really teach an old dog…


Handy reference table of US state laws regarding animals left in cars, penalties, and who can rescue them:

In some places, any passerby, after making reasonable attempts to find the owner, can rescue the animal and is specifically protected from civil lawsuits from the owner.

Others, neither animal rescue or even police are empowered to do anything but sit back and watch a pupper bake to death.


Good thing that here in Germany you’re actually allowed to break the window, you can’t be held liable for the damage.


Adopting pups from shelters can have me fucking hating the people who had them before.

Owning an animal certainly does reveal the sort of person you are.


Yea, it certainly can put you off the human race…
Which makes supporting shelters very important to myself and my wife.


Don’t be so quick to judge. I do like dogs. Properly prepared, by an able chef, they make a wonderful casserole.


What a sad and hiding thing you are…



I guess people were right about the “career troll” perception.


I did wonder if this was one of the test posts for troll-slaying, but they seem to be a regular. Personally, I just don’t have enough spoons for them right now.


About 10 years ago, I was part of the safety & security team of our local renaissance faire. This runs July through August, and while we may not be Arizona, it does get amazingly hot during our Wisconsin Summers, particularly in unshaded areas like our enormous parking lot. I don’t know what possessed someone to bring their dog to the faire, but the only dogs allowed into the grounds are service animals, so this excuse for a human decided to leave the dog in the vehicle. Someone spotted this and reported it to our boss.

We happened to have several EMT / first responders on the team, along with a deputy from the local sheriff department. The deputy and one of the EMTs headed for the parking lot, with a crowbar, just in case they couldn’t get the vehicle open otherwise. Apparently someone knew the owner and did manage to get them out to the vehicle before the team members broke a window, but they still got to spend some quality time with the deputy (who was fully empowered to make arrests, etc. while on the grounds,) explained some of our state laws about animal abuse to them. (The dog was provided with shade and water while this happened.)

I was quite happy to buy both of those team members drinks after closing time.


Since it’s on topic I’ve always wondered, why not just leave the dog at home? Except for taking the dog someplace other than your home during the trip why even have a dog with you at all if your just locking it in your car? Just lock it in your home instead. They jumped in the car to hang out with YOU not your empty vehicle.


…which is as nice as I can be on the subject. So I’mma put my mask back on now before I really get wound up (and probably get myself kicked off the board in the process.)