Dog alone in car uses horn


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I live in Altoona - this dog is smarter than most of the people who live here. Probably including myself.


And yet some people say our pets aren’t like children…


Best thing on BB in months, Really!


Just a reminder, since the hot weather is arriving soon:

Never leave your dog inside your car on a hot day. 90 degrees outside is 150 degrees inside. And you have to cook a dog at 350 or you’ll get sick.


If the piano key cover gets left open overnight, we will be roused the next morning by a loud, dramatic rendition of the perennial favorite “it’s cat feeding time, get your lazy human buttocks out of bed!”


Our boxer used to crack us up when he would sit in the driver’s seat like that; thank goodness he never discovered the horn, though.


Monday morning and I am going to Hell for liking that comment.


Thanks. I get that a lot.


Black humor really is the best humor.


He’s not alone, there’s someone else in the back seat.


Good point. Doesn’t the total weight affect total cook time?


The dog isn’t alone in the car. There is another dog with it.


I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun.


That seriously all depends upon the individual sinner; as some are not “fun” at all… they’re just dicks.


Give Billy Joel a break. It was a more innocent time. And yes anyone who actually cooks a dog qualifies as a whole bag of industrial grade dicks.


Keep working at it! Wake me up when you can play KlavierstĂĽcke. ZZZzzzzz


[quote=“wadevondoom, post:16, topic:76422”]
Billy Joel

Who brought the Piano Man into this?


Ha! One of my best friends is from Altoona. He lives a long way away from there now!


I used to have a cat that would, slowly and deliberately, push crockery and glasses off the kitchen bench if we weren’t quick enough with the food in the mornings.