Dogs left in car crash it into Walmart


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The crazy part is, the car was a manual. That’s a skill you do not want your dog to have!


You call that parking the car? Bad dog, no biscuit!


It’s never a Target.


Actually, the dogs work for Uber and this story is just their PR people trying to get in front of it.


You’d think she would’ve known this was going to happen eventually when she names the dogs Thelma and Louise.


Every DOG has its day.


Manual? Looks like a Mercury Grand Marquis with a column-shift automatic to me.


Are those even available in a manual?


Those stupid dogs… don’t they know The Secret Life of Pets wasn’t real?


It’s just never ok to leave a dog or pet in the car. Ever. Even if you did leave the car running with the A/C going it’s still not a safe environment… which this story obviously proved. Glad everyone involved was ok though.


At least the owner learned one lesson: never leave dogs alone in the car.

Whether the owner learned “never go to Walmart” remains to be seen.


Target is just WalMart for people that know Elvis is dead.


I guess I should start shopping at Walmart.



Wait until some pet does this with a Tesla. I’d love to see the lawyers sort that out.



Whoa! I thought animal car driving was the province of cats!




You don’t really get the whole humor thing, do you?