Dogs eating popcorn


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Mmmmm… Cat flavored popcorn!


Well sure, it’s OK if it’s one of those teen-dream Japanese-type dogs, but most dogs have pretty gross mouths that you don’t want to be paying lots of attention to.


my chocolate lab Piper is a fool for kettle corn.


It’s nice to see the dog actually eating it. Cats just lick it and put it back.

  1. I had no idea you were into it enough to have a list.

  2. Well that begs the question, what are the top 3?


Odd. My dog came over and stared at the speaker at the sound of the treat bags being opened & popcorn being poured. She lost interest after the dog started eating.


As a dog owner, I do ask the hivemind whether it’s a good thing to let pooches have popcorn, or if it’s a bad thing. I mean, I guess as an occasional snack it’s all right, but doggies do have all sorts of dietary risks that should be avoided.


meme dogger is very polite to eat one kernel at a time.
I didn’t know this was a youtube thing, but I give my dog popcorn all the time and she would have inhaled this amount in under a minute, easy.


My thoughts exactly. My dog would have eaten that entire pile in a matter of seconds.


One of my dearly departed kittehs was an absolute freak for some popcorn.


I took my dog’s internet privileges away when I caught him downloading porn, so he can’t post on YouTube anymore.


Same thing with french fries, and it’s impossible to figure out which one. :smirk_cat:


Due to the existence of gravity, I have found that my 5 month old kitten will eat:

  • Refried beans
  • Bow tie pasta
  • Fortune cookies
  • Dry breakfast cereal

She also likes water and chases her tail.


As a fellow dog owner, I have an answer. Popcorn is officially a Very Bad Thing™ for dogs, but not for the reasons you would think.

The hard shell of the kernel can get stuck between the teeth. In humans, we can sense this and get it unstuck with a fingernail or some dental floss. Dogs will simply let it sit between the teeth for a long period of time while it rots, leading to tooth decay.


My older cat is crazy for kettle-cooked potato chips. The younger one, yogurt.


I said the dingo et you popcohn


It’s not uncommon for cats to dig yogurt and other dairy products. Had one that flipped out for butter, several that would beg for any kind of yogurt, and most cats I’ve had would hoover cheese. I had one that totally loved pepperjack (I assumed because the other cats wouldn’t go near it, but she’d always eat it if offered).


Look at it this way…at least he’s not eating poop-corn. Or just poop, as some dogs are wont to do.


I see this as less than ASMR and more like a satirical comment on how anything can “fly” on YT (he said, coincidentally, while deeply relaxed and completely at peace.)