Dolphins spotted in Venice canal, for real this time

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The whole " the earth is healing, we are the virus" memes were one of the funniest things to come out of 2020. On a side note, Venice is wonderful beyond words. If you’ve never been, go. Pictures and videos cannot do the place justice.


This vagueness made me think of the scene from The Godfather:


This is the Grand Canal
Its resemblance to life is not obscure
It is filled with the milk of human kindness
In spite of the fact it’s really a sewer
But don’t let that spoil your morale
It’s a Grand Canal!


Yes it is, my favorite city ever.
But I hope boat traffic is down these days, that canal can get quite busy with all sorts of stuff, far more than dolphins can tolerate.

Toot toot.

They’re taking a last look around before leaving.

Hey that’s not bad at all.
It’s not slander alas, swimming in Venice’s smaller canals is… not encouraged. The wider ones like Giudecca are somewhat more palatable but yes, everyone there is busy removing from memory certain unsanitary details.
Deleting deleterious details while doing delightful ditties.

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for real this time

I think this one will have to be walked back, too. Video was probably from 1582, or it was really a mermaid or something else.

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