Don Jr attacks his own daddy in this clever new anti-Trump ad

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I quite enjoyed that. First time ever Don Jr. sounds like he knows what the hell he’s talking about


Clever, but false and manipulative. You can’t get pissed at Trump being photoshopped out of pictures, then re-arrange a video montage and think it’s okay. Jr. has said plenty of BS in the past few years so this ad is not targeted at intelligent people and it’s not going to work on the unintelligent people.

Meh. It’s a day of the week ending in Y. So time to take my BP meds…


I think a lot of people have made up their minds who to vote for, including the more intelligent, and the unintelligent. Something mildly clever for mid-range intelligence who aren’t sure might be helpful. If obvious hypocrisy was obvious to all Americans, Trump would have lost in 2016. Undecided voters often decide elections. So while it may be grating to us, a cudgel sort of approach might be useful to some. I think pointing out hypocrisy in a parody fashion like this is far less dishonest than Trump’s continuous stream of lies. I wish factual presentations by both sides was all that was required, but I don’t know how to make that happen.


I think the ad is just intended to keep anti-Trump voters engaged and motivated to keep up donations. We have long hard months ahead. (In terms of our lives generally, not just politically.)


Absolutely. We are way past the point that more information will have an effect. These ads are about emotion and engagement, and probably aim to 1. drive anti-trump voters to get excited and show up in november; and 2. shame tepid 2016 pro-trump vote to remind them that what they voted for is not what they got. I don’t think anybody thinks Jr. was referring to his father in this clip, but it might be an effective ploy nonetheless.


Don Jr just looks so… destroyed.
I heard rumours of severe alcohol problems in college. I know people keep calling him stupid, but I am wondering if there could be actual neurological damage from years of abuse at a formative age.

EDIT: Or at the very least he’s got a speech impediment no? Was that there when he was a kid?


I’m sure this has been said before, but Trump Jr always reminds me of that guy in the first Die Hard movie who got himself shot by the terrorists trying to make a deal with them.


Well, the ad was created by and paid for by Republicans, to attack other Republicans. Let’s just let them do their thing.




The enemy of my enemy…is still a jack-hole :slight_smile:


At least one of his classmates has shared an anecdote about Trump Sr. physically abusing him in college. The elder Trump was apparently enraged by the sight of his son preparing to go out in public wearing anything other than a business suit.


It’s not false or manipulative. It’s calling out the utter hypocrisy of the Trump family by contrasting Trump Jr.'s attacks on his dad’s rivals with Trump’s own words and actions. That’s why the ending title cards say “ENOUGH HYPOCRISY, BYE DON JR.” instead of "EVEN DON JR. SAYS NOT TO VOTE FOR HIS DAD."


I usually do the exact opposite of whatever Don Jr. says. . . so now I’m confused.


But perhaps a useful jack-hole…

cool. It’s too subtle of a jab at the hypocrisy for most of Trump’s supporters. They’ll just see it as lies from “the left”, and I bet they’re passing this around laughing at it.

We could only hope that, in the same situation, Don Jr. would do the right thing and emulate him.

“Please proceed, governor.”

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