Donald J. Trump is... The Manchurian Candidate


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald J. Trump is abducted by Russian spies who attempt to brainwash him into becoming an unwitting Russian sleeper agent! Will they succeed??


Yes, I did that, again.


There’s a yuge amount of truth in every panel.

I wish I could view this as satire, but it all makes sense.


The time frame is a bit off. Putin approached Trump after Trump cinched the nomination and Trump said, “I’m way ahead of you, Vlad.”


Was it Trevor Noah who described the Manchurian Candidate as a Russian mole? The Manchurian Candidate was a Chinese mole. Manchuria is in China.



The new Thanks Obama?


I gave it a like, again :slight_smile:


Now it is. But it was under Japanese and then Soviet rule for a time as well.


Shouldn’t that be the Siberia candidate?




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