The True, Top-Secret Story Behind Trump's North Korea Crisis

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH is presented the true, actual, top-secret events behind Trump’s North Korea crisis!


ha ha ha uh ha? It’d be funnier if these two lunatics weren’t playing with nuclear weapons. When we lose a city or two will we still be laughing at Hair Fuhrer? Also, the hands are way too big.


The True true top-secret story is unfortunately, mundanely predictable, and fits so nicely into the modern American landscape of ignorance of the origins of (domestic and international) strife. North Korea and the Kims are treated like cartoon characters, which is fair, because that’s how they’re treated in North Korea, but the cartoons are different. We laugh about/dismiss how adored “Dear Leader” is among Koreans, but the common American view is just as one-dimensional. At least the North Koreans, who fought their way out from under Japanese occupation (with a little help, cough cough) but then were carpet bombed by their liberators for siding with the “wrong” liberator, were completely devastated and left grasping for a way back from the brink. I give them a shit-ton of slack for falling into the worship of madmen, the first Kim did at least lead a pretty damn successful industrial and agricultural come-back. What’s our excuse for electing a madman just as self-centered and unhinged, but whose faux-Midas touch turns everything he touches to shit?




Why is the BB logo on this page a rainbow but not others?

(Not complaining, just curious)


Technicolor™ cartoon?


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