The Donald Trump Mysteries: “The Leak Is Real, The News Is Fake”


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Inspector Donald Trump reveals a shocking and perplexing solution to a horrifying mystery!


I can’t even laugh at stuff like this anymore, because it’s not even an exaggeration. That’s exactly what Trump does. Well, not the murder part, that we know of. But if he did murder someone, and word leaked out, this is exactly what would happen.


I read somewhere that Trump murdered someone. That’s just the information I’ve been given. Sad.


Trump could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and it would be fake news.


Yup. That seems about right.


I believe he even said that.


He said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters.


Well seeing as he did NOT lose voters, I guess he must have shot somebody on Fifth Avenue. About as logical as the rest of his reasoning. The fact that there is no body AND that there has been no leak about it, must prove it, eh?


Does it never occur to Trump that when he complains about the leaks being real he’s saying the information being leaked is true?



Well I was thinking more about murder in a direct way, but yes, there is that. Fair point.


Yeah, that’s the quote I was thinking of.



I can’t laugh either.

The Russians literally did what Nixon attempted to do in 1972 – bug the Democratic National Committee and rifle through their communications. And Trump benefited greatly from their crimes.

Oh, and those leaks were the Good Leaks, by the way.


It’s funny because it’s true treason!


Rage Mango’s hands are way too big.

If you had told me 10, 20 years ago Donald J(ackass) Trump would be president due to the interference of the FBI and FSB (KGB) I would have referred you to the nearest mental health professional. Run, don’t walk!

At least I can flee to Canada.

Can someone please leak his tax returns? And leak the peepee tapes so we can judge for ourselves (not that this would sway even a single Trumpkin: they’d all like to pee on Obama) TY!


Just watched CNN’s “The Eighties” episode of greed & money… Trump was one of both the opening and closing stories !


Speaking of which…


Brandolini’s law aka the Bullshit Asymmetry Principle


… people would still vote for him.