An Alternative View from Trump Tower


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH is presented the alternative view from Trump Tower.


Then, he closes the blinds. :cry:


Hey look! He’s just like Sarah Palin…he can see Russia from his window.


Even Paul Ryan thinks he should shut up.


I think in his case, Russia is in da house.


Tinkle Tinkle Little Czar (snicker)

If you had told me 10 years ago that Donald Trump would be president with the collusion of the FBI and the FSB/GRU I’d have referred you to the closest mental health professional. But here we are: crazytown.

If you had told me 10 years ago that Donald Trump was into watersports and russian hookers, I’d have said: “and… ?”


While saying “George Soros put them up to it!”

Supporters clap enthusiastically.


I had a different idea for a Trump adaptation of the famous New Yorker cover a while back, one that more properly accounts for Trump’s incredible narcissism and ignorance; in this version you’ve used up at least half the space, probably a lot more, before you get out of the living room and reach the window, and then there’s very little room for the rest of the hemisphere, labeled disrespectfully of course.

Hard to get the Kremlin in that version, though. And I do quite like this version.


Is there a Nobel Prize for comics?


I think actually you have used up the entire space before he gets out of his own head. He is not part of the reality based community. The VR goggles actually end at his corneas.


“He continues to maintain that belief based on studies and evidence that people have presented to him,” Mr Spicer told reporters on Tuesday.

I always knew he has invisible friends, many invisible friends.


I knew this was a spoof on an old New Yorker cover. Thanks for reminding me which one it was.


1.5 million of the best invisible friends.


I think the phrase “…says the White House” needs to be interpreted as “…says representatives of a fragile man-baby with no basis in fact, alternative or otherwise.”


It’s funny because Jesus Christ our president is fucking insane, like literally insane, actually delusional.


Yup. Crazy town now goes nation-wide.


I used to have a poster of the Bostonian version. :slight_smile:


Has anyone else read “Night Of Camp David” by Fletcher Nebel??? It was supposed to be fiction! :scream:


Only after he zips up his flies.


That’s why you can’t see millions of alleged fradulent voters. Even from Trump Tower you can’t see things that don’t exist.