Donald Rumsfeld is a video game developer now


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That is friggin’ brilliant, Rob. That’s the paraprosdokianest sentence I’ve seen in some time. Twain-esque!

You got mad chops, yo. Mad.


I hope the game describes face down cards as “known unknowns”.


As you know, you develop a game with the programmers you have, not the programmers you might want or wish to have at a later time.


I’m torn. I like solitaire games, and the app looks amazing. On the other hand, it’s developed by a war criminal. What’s the right way to proceed? Stupid ethics.


I expected something related to minesweeper. A prequel maybe?


That’s odd. First the game announced I’d won, but I’m not allowed to quit and the app is taking up more and more of my system resources. Also the card table now appears to be on fire.


I really like the graphics. Extraordinary rendering.




…using a Dictaphone to record memos for the programmers.

Is this how one becomes a video game developer now? Because I can do that!


let’s hope for who’s who sake that you don’t have to buy again if you win
unlike some other apps coming online now


So, what you’re saying is “You did a hell of a job, Rummy”?


When’s he releasing his update of Duck Hunt?


That’s not Rumsfeld. I hear Chaney is working on that. Two-player mode is a blast!


I prefer GW’s My Pet Goat Simulator.


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