“Donald still trumps the polls!” fibs Dick Morris

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When it comes to the Enquirer, you only have to ask yourself, “Is this statement legally actionable? Could someone sue them if it’s not true?” If the answer is Yes, then you can take it to the bank that it’s true. Ever since Carol Burnett took them to the cleaners back in '94 for publishing outright lies about her, they’ve been very careful about having all their ducks in a row. But you could argue all day about what a statement like “trumps the polls” even means, and even if it’s false, there’s no one who could sue, because they wouldn’t have standing or could show injury.

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Oh, dear God, I had no idea Dick Morris was an Enquirer columnist. I worked at a small-town newspaper that ran his column, along with Diane West, Cal Thomas, and a bunch of other right-wing shit-slingers.

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