Donald Trump blames embarrassing video of himself on AI

Originally published at: Trump blames embarrassing video on AI


Great. Leave it to this grifter to find another societal downside to “AI”.


Hey- “AI” is coming across the border into videos on Truth Social. It’s made videos of Trump getting pee’d on in a Moscow hotel. AI has even tried to overthrow an election! If I can’t blame everything on AI, what can I? Even? AIOK!


If the AI generated public appreciation poll says it was a success then shout it wasn’t AI, otherwise it was AI. (“eh. it’s all Markov cribbed old reddit feeds all the way down.”)


So which one is the new nickname? They both work, I kind of favor the second for accuracy, although the first is definitely more amusing.

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Fuck Rick Wilson. This guy gets interviewed on CNN and MSNBC all the time because he criticizes Trump. Because he does that, everyone seems to have developed amnesia and forgotten what an unapologetic piece of shit Wilson is. He ran an attack ad in the 2002 Georgia Senate election implying that Democratic Senator Max Cleland was cozy with Osama bin Laden and was a traitor. Cleland was a disabled Vietnam vet who lost an arm and both legs in that war. Cleland lost the election. Even other Republicans like McCain criticized Wilson for that ad. When asked about it, Wilson said, “they didn’t calculate that I have no moral center when it comes to political ads, and I will destroy the innocent and the guilty.”


Winston Smith ain’t buying it.


…using A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) in their Fake television commercials in order to make me look as bad and pathetic as Crooked Joe Biden, not an easy thing to do…

Ironically, Trump’s rambling semi-coherent missives – including this one – often look to me as if they were written by an AI with a somewhat poor grasp on human communication.


To be fair, “pantloaf” does sound like something that might have come out of an AI insult generator.


It’s definitely a double-edged sword, but I feel like Dems don’t fight dirty enough and take the moral high ground at the cost of elections.
Rs flip the chessboard over and Ds just pick up the pieces and try to play nice and say “Please don’t do that again, or else I’ll have to pick up the pieces yet again…”


That’s not my point. My point is, Rick Wilson and everyone else associated with the Lincoln Project are complete garbage humans, and I’m sick and tired of seeing them praised just because they go after Trump. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

ETA: I’ve had friends who vote Democrat say things like, “Oh I wish Liz Cheney would run for President. I’d vote for her.” And I basically scream at them, “What the fuck is wrong with you?! No! Just because she hates Trump now doesn’t make her an ally. Stop it!” This praise by some on the left of lifelong hard right conservatives who have come out against Trump drives me nuts. It’s not like these people have realized the error of their ways. Their beliefs haven’t changed. They just realized they can’t control Trump, so he’s not useful to them.


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Agreed…Liz Cheney is another burning garbage heap of a person parading as a centrist, anti-trump hero.
All the folks at Lincoln Project are the same, in the end, they are all Rs with an agenda and trump ain’t it. trump hurt the established Rs and this their way of wrestling power back.

ETA - in related shitty news:
Liz Cheney might run for prez in 2024
I think this would hurt Biden more than it would trump.


I know it was rhetorical, but Trump has shifted the Overton window so badly, that NeoCons who were seen as terrible 15-20 years ago now seem very reasonable. :confused: I mean, I guess compared to MAGA they are, but other than her stance on Trump, I don’t think I have much in common with Liz Cheney.


Maybe. It’s hard to say. She would definitely pull more traditional Republican voters away from Trump, and she would pull Independents from both candidates. I don’t think many traditional Democratic voters would vote for her, in spite of what I said about friends of mine saying they would, and that’s just because I don’t think it’s hard to remind those people who Liz Cheney really is. I mean, all you have to do is show her voting record during the Trump Administration. Until January 6, she was one of Trump’s most consistent allies in the House, in terms of her vote.

ETA: In fact, Cheney was a more reliable vote for Trump’s policies than noted MAGA Representative Elise Stefanik, who replaced Cheney in the GOP House leadership.


I’m all for giving people a fifth chance

Some of them, especially the younger ones and minorities, are learning that you can run ads as vicious and funny as those from TLP without becoming one of the neocons who run anti-MAGA Republican orgs. The Dem running in Louisiana who mocked Kennedy’s phony Foghorn Leghorn act is one of a growing group who – unlike the party establishment – understands there’s no obligation to take the high road against members of the Party of Demonstrable Bad Faith.


That guy rules… Absolute fucking legend…


Shambling Pantloaf… NAILED IT!!!


Useful (and somewhat covid-unhinged) reference about the LP: