Lincoln Project founder warns Trump of more embarrassing ads to come (video)

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Please STOP linking to Shitter.


For anyone who wants to see it:

I can’t abide Xitter either (pronunciation guide one post up).


Also…please stop giving Rick Wilson and the fucking Lincoln Project any air, unless it’s to criticize them. These are not good people. Shine a light on them, by all means, but stop giving them a microphone.

ETA: To be clear, that admonition is not directed at you, but to people who seem to think the Lincoln Project are allies.


This is great news for people who enjoy watching two assholes get into a slap fight.


I’m worried it’s more like two nuclear powers getting ready to destroy the world. Or at least our Democracy.


Now I feel bad about linking that vid.
I don’t know the history of the Lincoln Project - I just assumed they were anti-right-wing or something like that.
Would you clue me in?


They are right-wing Republicans. They are old-school Reagan right-wing Republicans. They hate Trump, mostly because they can’t control Trump. Also, they sorta still believe the Constitution shouldn’t be completely shredded. Rick Wilson, specifically, is a garbage amoral political operative, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t disagree with that characterization, but be proud of it.


Well, feck, that I did not know.
I think I only heard of them with their anti-Turnip vids.
Now that I have learned this, fuck 'em. Will not post or link again.

Thanks for the info, @danimagoo .
ETA: Also, thanks for that link. Very informative.


Yeah, they’re the kind of Republicans who love to point out that Lincoln was a Republican, thus the name, but they are not like Lincoln when it comes to ideology, except maybe also being ok with suspending habeas corpus on occasion.


What danimagoo said.

They are basically Neocons who are anti-MAGA. While I find their anti-Trump/anti-MAGA propaganda quite good, the actual people involved are Neocons or conservatives who suck on every other issue. Basically they want back control of the Republican Party and willing to shitpost their way to it.

It’s kinda sad that Democrats can’t seem to be half as scathing or biting in their propaganda. (for the most part)

Wouldn’t ever support/donate to them. Might forward/repost a video to some chud for shitposting.


I really kinda hope they don’t need to be to win the next one. But if that was what it would take, I’d get right behind that.


This part most of all. The best anti-MAGAt ads come from people I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on. I very much wish the Dems would get better at hardball. They seem content to get steamrolled way too often rather than be seen as “mean.”


The Lincoln Project guys don’t like Trump because he says the quiet parts out loud.


And Biff will stick with his favourite new story that the ones featuring video of him are all “AI fakes” and never actually happened.

And the corporate media will report it as if there’s a good chance he’s telling the truth, because Bothsides…

And his idiot followers will watch those reports and believe whatever he says.

And the Dem establishment will tut-tut about the lack of civility in American politics today and continue to try to peel off some of the idiot voters by taking the high road in their own ads.

And next November most of us will be chewing our nails down to quick as we once again wait and see if the Electoral College swing states will go for him.

And that’s how it goes. Everybody knows…

And Bush-era neoConservatives, like the ex-husband of Biff’s “alternate facts” lady. All of them rotten to the core, however good they are at making attack ads.


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