Donald Trump has filled the swamp with his own gators, hiring 400 lobbyists, conspiracy theorists and trolls


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He drained the swamp so he could build condos on it for all his friends and family.


He has yuge tracts of land to build them on now.



I can’t even be bothered to look up a suitably hilarious pop culture reference any more.

Thanks, trump.


If he had “yuge tracts of land” from the Monty Python reference I’m thinking of, he’d stay home all day to grab himself.


I don’t know why schools would bring kids to DC by the busloads anymore.



For those who are too young to remember, this job category is not new. They used to be called “political commissars.” Their duties (witness the 20yo with a high school education and no real-world job history) do not have anything to do with the Departments’ official missions; their job is to ensure that everyone is politically reliable and obedient to the Supreme Leader (in this case Bannon.)



Its like an episode of VEEP come to life… hopefully with similar results - nothing actually getting done (good AND bad) due to their overall stupidity and in-fighting. Wake me before the next election.



I don’t doubt he’s drained the swamp; problem is, he’s replaced it with The Bog of Eternal Stench :fearful:


Yes, but does the Bog of Eternal Stench have what the Fire Swamp has?


In politics, when it comes to filling appointed positions, you should pack them with your loyalists. Yes this sounds ugly, but the reasoning behind this is to ensure that you don’t face bureaucratic sabotage when you roll out your policy programs. This is because technical expertise is not exactly a politically neutral thing, especially in economic matters. If you do not consider politics when choosing who to appoint, you will find yourself surrounded by perfectly qualified experts who all agree deregulation and corporate tax cuts are the only solution.

That said, your loyalists are still chosen for competence, relevant experience, and incorruptibility, because the point is to implement policy. What’s notable with Trump’s picks is just how shitty the loyalists he has to choose from, and that so many of them are rather obviously interested in the opportunity for graft.





Commissars, check points, ubiquitous surveillance…jesus, guys.
We’ve all seen this television show, right?


He who drains a swamp soon becomes concerned about rising ocean levels.


No, I had not stopped to wonder. Hillary’s choice of coat fabric hadn’t even made the list of things that I can’t be bothered to not give a fuck about.

I guess I have an answer now for the questions:
1: Who thinks like this?
2: What sort of person thinks that such a thought is actually worth speaking out loud.
3: Who would put said person in a position of authority.


Laws are for other people.