Donald Trump is turning into L. Ron Hubbard


You just need to stare at the photos and allow your eyes to slightly diverge – just look at it.


How dare you malign boobies (either type)?

These guys have no redeeming value whatsoever, nor are they good looking nor fun to watch. There is no place for them in a just world.


I retract my bird post, but stand by my observation of their overall fruitiness.

Can you believe I have read op eds about trump being the champion of the middle class and isn’t beholden to big businesses? Those were the words used. I think my IQ shriveled a bit after that.


Two crusty old white dudes in that faux-thoughtful, smug-condescending-resting-chin-on-hand-pose = ugh barf inducing.


But they are a limitless source of smug. Without them, the world’s smug reserves will be depleted in record time.


For something actually interesting, check out’s article comparing Trump to William Randolph Hearst. But only if you’re not too busy looking at cat videos. Or coming up with snarky comments about looking at cat videos.


Why not both?


Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom with all of us boring, passé, foolish people who you repeatedly demonstrate disdain for in the comments. You are a gem of a fellow.


I’m just happy to know that my efforts have not gone unappreciated.


When perusing potentially devestating memes, it’s important to wear one of these:

Otherwise your head could end up like this:


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