Donald Trump is turning into L. Ron Hubbard


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Trump has a daintier nose, but Hubbard can claim those big wet lips.



There are some key differences.

Hubbard has more sensible hair and his business still keeps making money.


Clearly that thing on his head doesn’t live on brain matter; it’s ego-driven.


L. Ron looks a lot like Michael McKean.


Was hoping for a more insightful analysis, instead of just a cheap “separated at birth” photo array, which stopped being clever when Spy magazine went under. That was 1998, in case you kids were wondering.


So what’s stopping you?


I’m not the one who posited the Trump/Hubbard connection.


Oh my lawd, a live one.


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You fools, the hair thing thrives off of attention!


Well, I guess somebody’s E-meter is pegging on “cranky” today!


He that lives upon hope will die fasting.


Yes GOP, please send every Woman, Minority, & Veteran in the USA to the Democrats, you’re doing fine!


I just gotta say, as an old timer here the quality of Trump vs. L Ron Hubbard posts has seriously deteriorated over the years. We used to read insightful, witty comparisons about the nature of their bloviations. Now, I mean, just look at it. Good day, editors of BB!

I said good day!


Did I miss the banana in this post?


Weren’t there two fruits in this post?


I see two nuts.


Now that I look at it, the eyes on both of them remind me of a brace of boobys.