Donald Trump mad after Ben Carson's book outsells his own


I don’t understand the question. When I’m mad, the pants come off first.



I find your last remark insulting to fine silurian ladies.


My favorite thing about that GIF is that the normally rapturous TrumpFans in the background are mostly displaying expressions of weariness and grave concern. The beardy guys are sitting in stunned silence, the young woman in the necklace behind them zoned out hours ago, the guys on the right have sunk into irreconcilable depression, and the women behind the “Trump” sign are nudging each other just to keep the snickering under control.

This rant went on for 95 minutes, and even used up the time he promised for a Q&A session. That’s a lot of angry monologuing from a guy who said it would be unreasonable for a ten-person debate to go any longer than two hours (including commercials).


That’s how he tweets?


I think that they may be trying to figure out what he means by “pathological.”
Well, that and wondering if he is wearing a diaper.


Was hoping that he was going to perform an homage to belly pizza…


This morning there was a black man in the subway yelling over and over to nobody in particular: “Vote Donald Trump! Make America white again!”


There was a guy in the '12 primaries that I was certain would clench the nomination. Now I can’t even remember his name, which I guess is kind of my point. I would’ve said he was mainstream but, again, as opposed to what? The front runners that Republicans apparently preferred?



He was too sensible. Pro-science, knew about foreign policy, that sort of stuff. Never had a chance.


If Carson and Trump make the rest of the GOP circus look sane to their electorate, then the U.S is screwed.

If Carson and Trump don’t make the rest of the GOP circus look sane to their electorate, then the U.S. is screwed up.

Not that the latter clauses of these statements are, by themselves, mutually exclusive.


Yep, that’s him.


He was very economically conservative, and not especially socially liberal (probably not surprising for a Republican Mormon), so I can’t say I liked him, but he came across as an adult and not a gibbering idiot.

He was a bit like Kasich is this time, who also has no chance.


Agreed. I wouldn’t have voted for him but I thought he deserved the nomination (if that makes sense).




but he repeats himself.


95 minutes for trump, 25 minutes for the other guys. That’s a quality debate right there.


I watched the real speech and it was actually pretty fucking funny! No, don’t misconstrue. I hate the idea of Donald Trump as President. He will have every young person drafted into a war in the Middle East within 6 months and the 1% will become the .001% owning nearly everything. We’ll be back in the dark ages. But as for entertainment, he’s hilarious.


Because white men already have most of the cards.

I’m willing to share. Most aren’t.


He reminds me of how Lex Luthor turned out to be an alien or whatever it was. Trump is basically Lex Luthor.


I guess the 1978 movie one because of the hair