Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump, who said Ben Carson was like a child molester


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He also said there are “two different” Trumps: the one the public sees and a more “cerebral” Trump in private.

He keeps it hidden in the same room where he stores Bigfoot and Nessie. Elvis visits, occasionally.


But in all fairness, we all do.


Don’t you get the feeling that Republicans (and the #NeverTrump right-wing pundits) will ultimately support Trump?

Especially when they start bucking for VP position.


“He cleared up his statement. He meant that he liked my bitchin’ van and that I always have candy around.”


"Don’t you get the feeling that Republicans (and the #NeverTrump right-wing pundits) will ultimately support Trump? "

Of course they will. . . Trump doesn’t say anything that mainstream conservatives disagree with. Trump didn;t invent the idea of a wall between us and Mexico. republicans have been talking abut that for years. It was W who said Islam hates us for our freedoms.

Trump is a clownish blowhard. . . but he is a middle of the road conservative.

Because American conservatism is fucking crazy.


Yes, he does. He recognizes the good work Planned Parenthood does, he’s in favour of increasing spending on crumbling public infrastructure, he doesn’t want to let people without medical insurance die on the street, he says he’ll negotiate with democrats…

(not that I believe any of it coming from him, but he says it…)


To be perfectly fair, Trump was right about Carson.


If you want to bang your own daughter, please understand that IT’S CREEPY to talk about in public. If that’s not what you meant, then you might want to clarify.


So, either we have Carson, as a man of strong xtian faith, turning the other cheek on his accusers/detractors, and helping them to achieve higher goals.
Or, we have Carson, another morally bankrupt wannabe-politician who will toe the party line when directed, even after being publicly insulted by Drumpf. I wonder: what chapter of the bible recommends torturing the families of accused/alleged terrorists?

In short: How the FUCK can any self-proclaimed xtian listen to the shit Drumpf flings, and then think, yeah, that jives with my beliefs! I mean, Jesus didn’t like those bankers because they weren’t winning enough, obviously!


Clarification: Like Donald, I too want to bang Trumps’ daughter.

Yeesh. My mind is in the gutter but not that far in the gutter.


I just try to keep in mind that they don’t believe in the biblical Jesus, they believe in this guy:

American Jesus.


I have to post this link to SF author John Scalzi’s wonderful takedown of the Jesus those guys worship


I’ll Godwin this thread right now

Given the choice between Hitler ® or Jesus Christ Reincarnate (D) , the majority of Republicans (in office) would support Hitler. It’s all about the party. They might not want to support Trump, but if he’s gets the delegates they will have to. Anyone ® vs Anybody (D), line up folks - Anyone for President!

Edit: Republicans in office. Citizens, no.


I’ve always preferred the kinder, gentler version:


Thank you for sharing this link, that was great. Wonderful advice, even for atheists.


It seems I had too high an opinion of the Republican candidates. It’s amazing that even now they have the capacity to disappoint you on another level.


What I don’t get is that we kept hearing how this was supposed to be the strongest collection of candidates from the GOP for many a cycle.

They were/are all, absolutely all of them, terrible beyond belief. I mean, worse than Jim Webb or Lincoln Chaffee bad.


Fear of what? Fear of another eight years of a Democrat in the White House? Why, because all the horrible things they predicted about Obama came true?

What they’re afraid of is “not being in power anymore”, which is mostly their own fault.