Donald Trump performs Mahna Mahna


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It needs the Statler and Waldorf ending.

Waldorf: That was wonderful!
Statler: Bravo!
Waldorf: I loved it!
Statler: Ah, it was great!
Waldorf: Well, it was pretty good.
Statler: Well, it wasn’t bad…
Waldorf: Uh, there were parts of it that weren’t very good though.
Statler: It could have been a lot better.
Waldorf: I didn’t really like it.
Statler: It was pretty terrible.
Waldorf: It was bad.
Statler: It was awful!
Waldorf: It was terrible!
Statler: Take 'em away!
Waldorf: Bah, boo!
Statler: Boo!


It’s just impossible for me to see his two sons, without picturing them in Hitler Youth uniforms. Cause you know they would have been first in line to sign up.


Well, that was about as coherent and meaningful - and relevant - as what he did say during that debate.


This is brilliant.


He didn’t even let Ken Bone speak!

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the original:


Ken Bone’s Reddit history just came out today.

Let’s just say that there is nothing this election touches that turns out to be as good and pure as it first appeared.

Et tu, Bone?


Yeah, he really should have deleted those George Zimmerman ones before doing his AMA.


I only found out who he was in the past couple of days, so I never had any Bone-love in the first place. :grinning:


The drumpf family have a greasy advisor who has a penchant for hitler youth songs so they’re already half way there!


Nigel Farage thinks the Harry Potter books are about how Draco Malfoy was so terribly misunderstood.


No one knew who he was. It’s called “love at first sight.” He charmed us all with his sexy sweaters and moustache and then WHAM- he tears our hearts in two like an ill-fitting pair of pants.


The original was from the soundtrack of a Swedish softcore porn movie, which makes the Muppets version even funnier to me.


Rekindle the affair this Halloween.


Chuck Tingle book in 3… 2…


I am at least impressed at the HRC campaign’s ability to control the media message. I understand that Trump continues to surprise nobody by being a sleaze. But CNN and most other places seem to be covering his sexism almost 24 hours a day, to the exclusion of everything else. And they have been doing so for days. I guess the only thing that matters is ensuring that HRC gets the electoral votes. She will almost certainly do so, but the wikileaks and Project Veritas stuff is still going to be out there, and will eventually have to be addressed. I expect that once the votes are counted and the speeches made, Trump will ooze back into the slime, and the real feeding frenzy will begin. I hope the country survives it.


That’s because it’s still a developing story. New women are coming forward every few hours and Trump isn’t exactly helping to shift the focus by going out of his way to hurl accusations and puerile insults at them every public appearance he makes. The latest Wikileaks info didn’t really tell us much about HRC we didn’t already know, and doesn’t seem to directly implicate her in anything expressly criminal.


What do you think Clinton plans to do that will be so terrible? I’d like clarification since you insist both candidates are equally bad.


I can’t argue that his responses are helping him.


:x: These allegations are patently false and do not merit a response. Let’s discuss my policy proposals instead.

:x: I have no idea why these women are making these hurtful claims, but in keeping with my respect for all women I will not speculate other than to say the incidents they described never happened.

:ballot_box_with_check: No way I would sexually assault a woman that ugly!