Donald Trump says it's a disaster


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is there a formal name for the phenomenon where, after much repetition, a word just becomes a series of sounds that you no longer recognize as a word?


A wise man once said: it takes one to know one.


Yep! Semantic Satiation.


She got off the plane, didn’t wait for the propellers to stop, turned and stepped back to wave goodbye to the flight attendant, and it disaster.


yes! thank you! this video should be used as an example on that wiki page.


You’re welcome, assuming you meant to reply to me and not yourself.


Disaster? I hardly knew her!


You heard about the cow that backed into a fan, right? Dis-assed her.


i did! this system does not make replying to nested replies very intuitive. i think i’ve figured it out?


The China Syndrome.


Trumpification. Don’t listen to these other losers, I know the real answer.



There was an excellent article in Salon a short while back, that analyzed Trump’s vocabulary. When speaking in public, he only uses about a dozen modifiers, and they’re all extreme. Everything is huge, fantastic, smartest, richest, or it’s a disaster, or someone is a lightweight or a failure. There is no middle ground in Trump’s world.

My favorite quote of his, as it probably says a lot about him, is when taking about how he was doing in the polls, he said, “I’m ahead by a fortune.” Wow.


Jamais vu


That’s a new one for me. (And I speak rudimentary French. Not enough.)


Trump has a point; you can look in any direction and see a disaster of some sort within 100m.


Would he keep it up off-camera? At home with the wife:
“Darling, I love you and all, but your cooking…”
“Son, your latest school report…”
“What did the dog do in the hall? …”

But maybe, in the words of Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


Much like a rhinoceros sees a huge horn everywhere he turns his gaze.


After watching the video I’m not totally convinced he knows what the word means. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if all this time his policies were a big misunderstanding?