Donald Trump's favorite Bible verse


You’re talking about the right wing that wants to treat all Muslims differently from the rest of the country’s citizens, right? That right wing? And the Trump who has a history of suggesting that Obama is Muslim?

The left isn’t accusing Trump of “not being religious enough”. They’re pointing out that people in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.


I don’t appear to be the one who made an assumption. Ignorance of a single topic does not imply general stupidity. I’m sorry for not being more clear in my post.


It’s not the left-wingers asking him these questions, sport. Bloomberg media is a right-leaning outlet owned by Republican politician/businessman Michael Bloomberg. Bob Lonsberry is a notoriously conservative talk radio host.

At any rate, Trump could simply choose not to discuss his religious beliefs. Instead he constantly tells everyone what a fantastic Christian he is but can’t actually provide any evidence to support the claim.


I wish someone would ask him if, given all that money he’s so proud of having, he seriously thinks he has any more chance of going to heaven than a camel does of passing through the eye of a needle. Right before shoving a log into Trump’s eye, in order to speed him along on his way to the great beyond.


You clearly aren’t familiar with how utterly fantastic the latest line of Trump Needles is.


They’re yuge!


Ha. how could I have doubted. Of course it’s YUUUUUGE!!



Jesus wept…” or is he just facepalming?


I recall some conservative Christians have already reinterpreted that verse by saying that “eye of the needle” was the name of a small city gate that was difficult but not impossible to get a camel through. So the Free Market Jesus version is that it’s difficult, but not impossible for rich people to get into heaven and being Christian gets you into heaven so it’s all good.


Pretty much


I absolutely HATE this “other countries are taking away America’s Greatness™” trope…

It is an ignorant complete misunderstanding of the current economic situation. A while back the USA realized that through currency manipulation and military might we could live off of the backs of many other countries at their direct expense. We saw a huge decline in production because of this, the USA used to be a world leader in producing goods. I mean why bother when you are getting a free ride. But it was a golden age for American consumerism because we weren’t paying the tab. Essentially our entire country was acting like entitled 1%'s in the global community. Well now that gig is coming to an end and people like Trump are whining about that going away. Grow the fuck up. If the USA wants to be great again and have a strong economy then we need free higher education, we need to embrace the new industries like clean energy, we need corporations and the rich to pay their fair share and ensure a minimum quality of life for all citizens. We need to deal fairly with other countries and be good global citizens. Basically all the things that would actually make america great again are the opposite of his blustering rants, he wants to turn back the clock, but that era is past and thinking otherwise is a fools dream.



Exodus 20:3?


As C. S. Lewis once said:

All things (e.g. a camel’s journey through
A needle’s eye) are possible, it’s true.
But picture how the camel feels, squeezed out
In one long bloody thread, from tail to snout.


Didn’t mean to single you out in any way.

Also, the reason he is so smart is that he eats brains. His own brains, which are the very best brains. Classy brains.

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perhaps in the light of the multiple bankruptcies and abandoned building projects, he should have been considering Luke 14:28-

For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?


Ezekiel 23:20?



Late stage Christianity?


I’m pretty sure being born in Kenya is not a capital offense, so he’s probably got an out there.

In fact, being Kenyan may just be punishable by drinking better than average coffee - which, if it’s so, and if the punishment for a false accusation is to receive oneself the punishment for the crime - why then, I accuse you of being Kenyan!


And yet, here Boing Boing is, seemingly trying to mock Trump for keeping tight lipped during the questions and jesting at what few answers he gives. Shouldn’t the left be defending Trump’s right not to speak about it? And you’re wrong, Trump doesn’t ‘constantly tell everyone what a fantastic Christian he is’… the very article works against that. Trump gives a few curt half-responses and then tries to get back issues that are important to him. Fortunately, attacking Trump on religion doesn’t work very well. It won’t work any better for the left than it did for Cruz.

If the left wanted to win this election, they had their chance with Bernie and blew it backing Hillary despite the whole graveyard in her closet. Might as well make the best of it and try to make use of Trump’s strengths. He’s tamed the theocracy and will be willing to negotiate for effective policies. He’s shifted the entire republican party towards the left and all you have to do is let him replace a fence with a wall, a minor issue next to something like the $27 trillion TPP that he’d shoot down for you.