Donald Trump's mail-servers are running Windows 2003


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But notably he did find them…



Hmm. I’ll place my wager: In a week, the supposed scandalousness of the Clinton emails will be microscopic potatoes.


Maybe Trump should be paying Thiel?


Maybe this is why he spends so much time cozying up to the Russians. You don’t run a configuration like that on the public internet unless you’ve carefully made the correct friends.


The question here is, has anyone already mined the server before any security changes will take place? If not then it’d be a huge missed opportunity. I guess we’ll find out…



Well, any state actor or hacking hobby group would be crazay to only target the Dems and not try for Reps as well.

My guess is that info has been harvested, but is being saved for personal blackmail knowing that Dems are taking the white house. Ie. if it’s russia, now they have some leverage when Trump wants to build a casino or a golf course, and if by chance he does manage to become president, then even better they’ll use it then as well.


Jeezus where I used to work dumped that over a year ago. Heck I remember having to build some 2003 servers when they “hid” the install image a year before that because the customer had an app that didn’t play with 2008 and the security and architecture folk had a talk with that customer before I could do the build. If there are any left they are now on isolated networks and everyone has yet another admin/user account to specifically connect to those boxes and they are probably getting charged a premium for support.



“Lest the Republicans feel left out of all the excitement, a report this past week out of The Netherlands suggests Russian hackers have for the past six months been siphoning credit card data from visitors to the Web storefront of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).”


Sounds like he needs better loser nerd hackers running his servers.


“I have the best, really the finest 400-pound guys sitting on the most luxurious beds running my servers. My 10-year-old son hires and fires them. It’s beautiful.”


This only casts a brighter light on the elephant in the room. If Clinton’s dirty laundry is being aired solely in the noble name of transparency, why have there been no equal and opposite Trump revelations? Or maybe El Trumpo doesn’t have any dirty laundry.


It’s more like, if he had clean laundry it’d be more surprising.


I’m not going to name any names, but I know someone whose initials are K.B. who is going to get sued. It’s Kevin Beaumont.


Poor Ken Bone!


If he has no dirty laundry, it is only because the Emperor has no clothes.


Clinton doesn’t really have any dirty laundry. If she did, don’t you think she would have been destroyed 20 years ago?

Also, Trump has a ton of laundry out there for all to see. There’s almost certainly worse out there, but since he’s self-destructing, it’s not even needed.