Donald Trump's still running, but the campaign's over

If it helps, i empathise entirely with the USA.

Whilst the USA may currently be worse, we still have our own Tories to deal with.
They’re a bit less idiotic* than Trump, but every bit as nasty and intelligent enough to try to at least attempt to hide that fact from the public…

*(That said, Brexit, so that is very debatable.)


The election may be over, but the excuses are just beginning.


Definitely, you have to share this with the world…

He’s not worthy of the mantle. Never was. It was always an angry sham, imo.

'Tis sad, really. What have we become?

P.S. The campaign isn’t over. Trump must still be defeated on election day, so get the frick out and vote!


This is all I could see at first while looking at that…

I told google now not to show me items from that source anymore

Unfortunately, that’s how echo chambers start.

I don’t like either candidate, but I do try to keep tabs on both groups, so I don’t run the risk of becoming a mindless consumer. Some of the Wikileaks emails are rather insightful, like an October 8th email where her campaign is still arguing about whether to support TPP, and how to spin it.


Not to forget: the Trumpeters are still planning on running a racist intimidation campaign on election day to stop brown people from voting. And Trump wins in a white-only electorate, because more than half of the white voters of America are crazed racist arseholes.

It’s illegal as fuck, but most of the cops are Trump supporters.


hear, hear – this is how Brexit happened!


I have seen no fewer Trump campaign signs on lawns. Two in my neighborhood are homes owned by older, widowed ladies, so, the whole “only men vote for Trump now”, thing is not as solid as imagined. I haven’t seen anyone in discussions, online or off, say “I was going to vote for Trump, but after the debates I think I will vote for Clinton”.

So, while I am hearing there’s been a shift and the debates hurt him, etc., I am not seeing it. The debates were about him being a jackass. Given he’s always been a jackass, people were happy to vote for the jackass, and Clinton didn’t do anything to change people’s perception of her, I am dubious about these coffin nails.


We must not let that happen.

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We can be sure that he’s already spending more time figuring out how to stiff the GOP for the money he owes them than he is trying to get elected.


I wasn’t aware that campaign financing from the parties was a loan to be repaid. Moreover, he did, himself, loan his own money to his own campaign. I think some of it was forgiven, but I am not certain it all was, so what’s left in the war chest might actually find its way back to him.


Here in very-left-wing New Zealand, most folks are flabbergasted that Trump is even still in this race, he’s so clearly not fit to be President. However, what we almost never get to see is that Christian Right wing perspective that drives a lot of the Trump support by virtue of being anti-Hillary. It’s been informative letting myself dip into the pro-Trump spots on the internet to discover this whole cache of people who hate, and have hated, Clinton with such fervour for so long now (seemingly 30 years??) that despite knowing Trump is a sexist racist homophobic mysoginist, they simple don’t care and will vote for him any way because they hate her so much.
That side of the picture simply doesn’t get any air time here.


I imagine the women who support Trump in spite of his reputation as a grabby predator who sees them as objects have some fucked up Prince Charming thing going on in their head.

Any list of republicans who didn’t back Trump, and still not backing him? I’d like to see a list of pols who didn’t jump on the Trump wagon.

Also, what would happen if Trump refused to concede?


I agree. Any why, exactly? Why do they hate her so much? It does not compute for me. She is not personally responsible for what happened in Benghazi. She is not personally responsible for what her husband did, or did not, do. She is not personally responsible for what POTUS Obama has done. She is personally responsible for what she has done, and all I see is she working for people who need working for, and that is no vice. Yeah, the frickin’ emails? Give it up, as well as all of your emails, and then we’ll talk. Judge not lest ye be judged.

drops mike on this campaign

P.S. Get the frick out, and VOTE!


There are a number of reasons. A lot of people simply don’t believe the accusations at all. Others see it a slut-shaming light and blame the women. Still others see the world as an episode of Mad Men and think that that is just how the world is, and getting groped is not rape anyway. Basically “Who knows if any of that happened, and even if it did, who knows who was at fault?”

Then they tell you we should be far more worried about terrorists and Mexicans and the fact that Hillary Clinton is evil, and you can see how, in their minds, it’s a very small issue. It’s not surprising. Look at Hollywood. There are well-known serial rapists walking around that liberal, activist stars clamor to work with. People turn a blind eye when they choose to, on both sides of the political fence.


Nothing would happen if Trump refused to concede. He is not in power now, he would not be given power if he lost. The concession is merely a formality intended to bring everyone together for the good of the nation, after an election.

Where you’d have problems is if a currently-sitting President refused to concede, when losing a second-term election. That could absolutely cause problems for a peaceful transfer of power.

What Trump could potentially do would be to challenge individual state ballots, and try to force recounts state-by-state. But in order to lodge a challenge, those ballot results would have to be close enough to not be a foregone conclusion, but also not so close that they already automatically
triggered a recount by state law.

There are apparently also a few other factors around “which ballots get counted” which could be challenged, for example whether or not to count absentee ballots which arrived without a postmark date. I wouldn’t imagine that such things would affect many ballots, though? But again, see comments above re: how close the count would need to be for states to be willing to incur the costs of a recount.

But in practice, based on what I’ve seen, I’m certain that Trump will deliver a concession speech; the whole “I’ll keep you in suspense” is just standard Trump rhetoric designed to keep himself in the news coverage. Based on what I’ve seen of him, I can’t believe he’d voluntarily give up the opportunity for one more big nationwide on-camera appearance.



Oh, don’t worry your pretty little head… They still serve up Breitbart, Fox and other gems to me.